Fullsize Catering Highloader Mallaghan, 2 Units available

Fullsize Catering Highloader

Mallaghan is one of the leading manufacturer of Catering Highloaders. The right controlled Fullsize Catering Higloader is based on a Mercedes Chassis / Typ 1618 and was build in 2010. The insulated Body comes with refrigeration and a Payload of 4 tons.

Manufacturer Mallaghan CT 6000
Chassi Mercedes 1618
Construction year 2010
Mileage 110.000km
Engine Diesel
Operating range 285 cm up to 600 cm
Payload 4 t
Body insulated, Polyester Sandwich
Body size (lxwxh) 650 x 255 x222 cm
Front Platform sidewards moveable and lengthwise extendable
Rear Platform door
Refrigeration Carrier Xarios
Gewicht 16.000 kg
Größe 410 cm