Ziegler FLF 60/120-15 Z8 Advancer 8×8

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The Panther FLF 8×8 is a special firefighting truck for airport ground handling purposes from the austrian manufacturer Rosenbauer. Rosenbauer is known as an expert of special vehicles in the firefighting sector.

Manufacturer Ziegler
Typ FLF 60/120-15 Z8 Advancer
Construction Year 1993
Mileage ca.55.000
Extinguished Medium Capacity 12.000l water / 1.500l foam
Engine MAN D2842 LXE / 735kW
Acceleration 0 – 80km/h ca. 21sec. (36t total weight)
Speedn 130km/h
Transmission 8×8
Gewicht 35.000 kg
Größe 1200 × 290 × 360 cm